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Live Stream Chat Rules

Chat Rules

  • Please let us know where you are watching from. We want to welcome you personally, especially if you are from another state or country.

  • No inappropriate or inflammatory language. Examples include profanity, sexually suggestive language, politically charged/slanted comments, racist, sexist or culturally insensitive language.

  • The chat is not a place to debate the message.  

  • Please keep chat posts to three lines or shorter. Longer posts can be a distraction.

  • Please do not type in ALL CAPS. This practice is generally associated with yelling.

  • If you have a prayer request, our prayer team is ready to pray with you.


Rule Violations

Our chat hosts reserve the right to delete any comment which is in violation of one or more chat rules. If a commenter repeatedly violates the chat rules during a broadcast, that viewer could potentially be “muted,” meaning that all of his/her comments are removed from the chat for the remainder of that broadcast. 

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